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Cretan Small Pies with Spinach

Spinach Cretan Small Pies

Greek Crete Island is very famous because of its traditional “Kalitsounia”, which are small pies that can be filled with different fillings, such...Learn More

Lower Saxony Asparagus Route

Asparagus is one of the most important products in German Gastronomy and during “asparagus season”, between April and June, it stars in a lot of...Learn More

Polish and Lithuanian Honey

‘Miód z Sejneńszczyzny/Łoździejszczyzny’/‘Seinų/Lazdijų krašto medus’ is a high quality honey obtained in an identical manner in Poland and...Learn More
Sausage Festival

International Sausage Festival

For those who love participating in genuine traditions and experiencing authentic regional food, the International Sausage Festival, held in the...Learn More
Boiled barley with poppy seeds and honey

Boiled Barley with Poppy Seeds and Honey

Poppy seed cakes are considered a sign of opulence; hence Polish desserts cannot have enough of them. They are often further enriched with honey,...Learn More
The Escargot Festival

The Escargot Festival

The Aplec del Caragol is a gastronomy festival held in the city of Lleida each year at the end of May that focuses on that exquisite delicacy, the...Learn More
Cinnamon Buns

Finnish Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon Buns, or Korvapuustit in Finnish, are buns filled with cinnamon, sugar and butter. Cinnamon Buns are served oven warm with...Learn More


Ladenia is a traditional pie from Kimolos, a healthier version of pizza, made of tomato, onion and of course extra virgin olive oil. It is great...Learn More
Lleida – Costers del Segre Wine Route

Lleida – Costers del Segre Wine Route

The wineries that are scattered all over Lleida have their origin in an ancestral tradition. The Romans introduced this crop, which...Learn More
Thermana Honey Pie with Warmed Cream

Thermana Honey Pie

Beekeeping has a long tradition in Laško. Try this sweet delight made of honey and called Thermana Honey Pie with Warmed Cream in order...Learn More
Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam

A delicious dessert, the apricot jam distinguishes itself with its unique flavour, being one of the least “sweet” jams and definitely one of the...Learn More
Wachau Apricot Dumplings

Wachau Apricot Dumplings

The apricot dumpling, or Marillenknödel, is emblematic for the Wachau region. And it is also a clear illustration of how the Austrian...Learn More

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