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Hamrun Chocolate Festival

Hamrun Chocolate Festival

The Chocolate Festival in Hamrun, a chocoholic’s delight,...Learn More
Luxembourgish wines

Dining at the Ambassadors for Wine

The valley of the Moselle in Luxembourg, famous for its steep hills and vineyards, is the birthplace of Luxembourg wines, mostly white varieties...Learn More
Latvian Milk, Bread and Honey Festival

Latvian Milk, Bread and Honey Festival

A festival rich in traditions, during which aspiring bakers are boasting with the world’s largest bread product records.  Learn More

Altenburger Goat Cheese

This cylindrical cheese from Altenburg region, Germany, is made from cows’ milk produced exclusively in the area of manufacture and containing at...Learn More

Cheese Trail

The Cheese Route through the Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg is a must for cheese lovers. The route is the ideal way to explore this lovingly tended...Learn More
Styrian fried chicken salad

Styrian Fried Chicken Salad

The reason why Styrian fried chicken in particular is so famous has a lot to do with the “Sulmtal Geflügel” (“Sulmtal poultry”), which is...Learn More
Alentejo Wine Route

Alentejo Wine Route

The Alentejo is one of the most famous wine regions in Portugal with a long tradition in wine production. Its wines are known for their excellence...Learn More

Oscypek Cheese

Made with milk that comes from the ‘Polish Mountain Sheep’ breed, this Polish cheese is produced in a traditional way, thanks to a knowledge...Learn More
Escudella Festival

Escudella Festival

The Festa de l’Escudella is held every year on Shrove Tuesday. The festival dates back centuries – some say as far as the 16th century –...Learn More
Ortinfestival 2015

Ortinfestival 2015

Ortinfestival is a lively gastronomic festival that celebrates vegetable gardens and the products of the earth,...Learn More

Cyprus - Vouni Panagias - Ampelitis Wine Route

Panoramic excursion into a glorious inland landscape, accompanied by the delights of the locally produced wines. Learn More

Wine Road of the Colli dei Longobardi

Lombardy was one of the first regions in Italy to fully develop the idea of Wine Roads. They did this by promoting the creation of the Wine and...Learn More

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