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There were notable culinary migrations during the Austrian monarchy, long before the EU and a united Europe. Therefore, we owe a debt of gratitude for this deliciously tender Rostbraten (roast beef) to the famous family of the Esterházys, all of whom were not only generous sponsors of the arts and successful politicians, but also connoisseurs of fine dining.


  1. Snip the roast beef several times around the edge and beat gently. Season on both sides with salt and pepper and coat one side in flour. Cut the shallots into fine strips.
  2. Heat some fat in a pan, place the meat in with the floured side facing down and fry off briefly on a high heat. Turn the meat, remove it again after 2 minutes and place in a greased roasting dish with a lid (or heatproof casserole dish).
  3. Lightly brown the shallots in the same pan, adding some more butter as needed. Pour in some beef stock or water, bring to the boil and pour over the slices of beef. Steam the meat at a low heat in the cooker or in a pre-heated oven at 180 °C for 60–90 minutes until soft, turning occasionally and topping up with liquid as required.
  4. Meanwhile, slice the cleaned root vegetables into very fine strips and fry off with the bacon in some hot fat. Add just a dash of beef stock and steam the vegetables until al dente.
  5. Lift the meat out of the dish. Mix the flour with the soured cream until smooth, pour into the juices and flavour with capers and grated lemon rind. Allow to reduce. Put the meat back into the dish again briefly. Arrange and garnish with the sliced root vegetables. Sprinkle with parlsey before serving.

Serve with pasta, fried potatoes or Schupfnudeln (finger-shaped potato dumplings) dipped in butter

Cooking time: 70–100 minutes



Source: Austrian National Tourist Office